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Published Book: The Management of Enclosed and Domesticated Deer, John Fletcher

A new book, “The Management of Enclosed and Domesticated Deer”, Edited by John Fletcher, has been published that may be of interest to veterinarians and members of the UK deer industry. The book has been published by Springerlink and can be found here. A book review has been written by BDVA president Aiden Foster and published in the Vet Record, but is also available to BDVA members through the ‘Members Area’ ‘Book Reviews’ section.

Reprint: Gardens of Earthly Delight, John Fletcher

John Fletcher has been one of the most influential figures in the modern UK’s deer industry and has been a key figure in the formation of the British Deer Veterinary Association (née Veterinary Deer Society). John’s 2011 book, Gardens of Earthly Delight, is a text that details huge amounts of history and information surrounding the place of deer in the history of mankind and in Britain. For those interested, this book has been re-issued for a second printing and can be purchased from Oxbow Books here.