The British Deer Veterinary Association (BDVA) is an organisation open to any veterinarian, or any other interested professional who wishes to join. The Association is small and friendly; it offers resources to all those with an interest in deer of all types.

The Veterinary Deer Society (VDS) was established in 1981 with the object of aiding those vets interested in deer to exchange information more easily. The Society became a non-territorial division of the British Veterinary Association in 1989. In 2021, the society was renamed as the British Deer Veterinary Association. We represent veterinarians from the UK and around the world and act as a hub for information regarding all forms of deer within the UK, from commercial venison farms to zoological collections.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BDVA, please fill out the relevant membership form and email it to us at If you were already a member of the Veterinary Deer Society then your membership has been automatically transferred over to the BDVA. To access our online resources, please create an account. Once your account has been linked to your membership, you will be able to access the Members’ section of the website.