This is the section where members of the British Deer Veterinary Association (BDVA) can access useful resources that may be pertinent to issues found in the British deer population. This page is updated regularly, so please do keep an eye on resources here for updates and changes.

If you are interested in joining the BDVA please see the explanations of different categories below and then download the membership form (word document), including the new standing order mandate, and complete the application form. The first page should be returned to us as per the membership form instructions. The second page is for the payment of our annual membership fees; £30 per year. Membership of the BDVA grants free on-line access to the Management and Diseases of Deer Handbook, academic articles and other online resources.

Once you have returned your form, you should sign up to the website, and once your membership status has been checked, you will be granted access to the “Members Area” section of the website.

Members are veterinary surgeons. 

Membership is also open to students studying for a veterinary degree, without an annual subscription, following the procedure for Members. Students will not be able hold an appointed post or an elected post or have voting rights; they may be co-opted.  Applications for membership will be recorded at the Annual General Meeting. 

Associate Members, who have relevant training, experience or qualifications, subject to the approval of the Committee, will be very welcome to join. They will not be eligible for election and will not hold voting rights. They will require a supporting reference from a veterinary surgeon. To become an associate member follow the procedure for Members, having been sponsored by a veterinary member.

Elections of committee members (see constitution for more details)

The Executive Committee of the BDVA shall consist of the five officers of the BDVA and up to five elected members. The election of Officer and Members of the Executive Committee shall take place at the AGM each year.

Nominations for such elections to be submitted to the Secretary one week before the AGM. Election will be by ballot, where there is more than one candidate. Nominations may be made during the AGM. Office Bearers and members of the Executive will take office immediately after the election.

Election will require a simple majority of the membership present at the AGM.